The 5 Minute Perseverance Game and Kaizen

The traditional way of learning a new skill is first to learn about it then try it out. This approach applies to learning how to drive, how to play various games, how to use a computer. Of course, there are exceptions, and the 5 Minute Perseverance Game was such an exception for me. After having played […]



There is No Successful Business (or Project) Without Efficient Communication

This past weekend, I finished revising my something-in-between-of-tenth-and-twentieth-draft of the book with the following title “Take Control of Your Business: Learn what Business Rules are, discover that you are already using them, then update them to maximize your business success,” and sent it to my editor for the final edit. On the day I sent […]



Contributing to Mekon’s Bitesize on Business Rules – 9: Exploring brdoc Schema – Why there is a dedicated element for a business rule decision and none for a business rule decision point

As the new brdoc Schema gets explored and implemented, I receive questions on the intention of one or another construct in it. I have written an article in frames of the Mekon‘s Bitesize on Business Rules series to share the reasons behind the structures and element names in the Schema for the primary business rules constructs: […]


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