When You Gamify Your Life, You Not Only Play the Game, but You also Design It*

Here is the main lesson learned in July’17 Round of my 5 Minute Perseverance Game. I realized that I needed to write one more article before I was going into details of various use cases of self-gamification in my work and personal life. And this article is about the necessity to be interested in the […]



There is No Successful Business (or Project) Without Efficient Communication

This past weekend, I finished revising my something-in-between-of-tenth-and-twentieth-draft of the book with the following title “Take Control of Your Business: Learn what Business Rules are, discover that you are already using them, then update them to maximize your business success,” and sent it to my editor for the final edit. On the day I sent […]



Un-publishing “S1000D Issue 4.1 Untangled”

In a book I published earlier this year I wrote the following: “Not many want to think about terminating the existence of their product or service, hoping it will be there forever. But it won’t. At least not in its very first shape or version. Besides, the updates might be so crucial that at some […]


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